Dance/Movement Therapy

Dance/Movement Therapy is a form of psychotherapy where movement is used as a medium for healing, self-expression and as a catalyst for change. Movement is our first language, and all of us knowingly or unknowingly communicate a lot through our body, posture and other non-verbal forms. Dance/Movement Therapy is based on the belief that the body and mind are interrelated. Therefore, changing one’s movement patterns can bring about change in various aspects of an individual’s well-being (emotional, physical, social and cognitive).


Individual and Group Dance/Movement Therapy for Children and Youth

Dance/Movement Therapy can be conducted individually, in a group or with the family to best support the needs of children of all abilities. The sessions are focused on enabling the child to connect with their body as well as creatively process, express their thoughts and feelings. Movement in a session can include a physical warm-up, play, collaborative movement games, thematic storytelling, breath-work and relaxation techniques. Movement-based interventions can provide a physical outlet for emotional energy, increase body-awareness and assist with emotional and behavioural regulation. Working in groups can also foster a sense of connection, enhance social skills, relatedness and enable turn-taking. 


Individual Dance/Movement  Therapy for Adults 

The creative, expressive nature of movement, enables an individual to gain a deeper understanding of experiences that might be difficult to put into words. The person-centred, non-judgmental approach of Dance/Movement Therapy offers a supportive and uplifting therapeutic space to process and express our thoughts and feelings. A session incorporates movement and verbal dialogue to create goals, connect with the body, identify tools for coping and ways to integrate body-based insights into our lives.