Junior Handbells / Handchimes

Junior Handbells 
(Stave House Method by London College of Music, UK)

For students from 6 to 9 years old:

Students will learn how to read music notes and ring easy music on the handchimes. They will work towards being assessed by a recognised music examinations board from the UK.


For students from 10 to 18 years old:

Students will learn how to read coloured alphabets as well as ring familiar local folk music on the handchimes. The programme seeks to improve students’ physical coordination (reaction times), turn-taking skill and hand-eye coordination.

About the Artist

Damien Lim is the Music Director and Founder of Ministy of Bellz, a premier Singaporean Handbells Ensemble. He is currently Handbells Director of three Special Education schools, five Secondary schools and two Primary schools.

Damien is a Certified Stave House Method Trainer (UK) and has completed “Working and Facilitating the Learning of Children with Special Needs in the Arts” course by Social Service Institute and National Arts Council.