Our Care B.e.a.r.s

The vision of our Caregiver Support Team, a.k.a. Care B.E.A.R.s, is to support every caregiver of special needs person in their life journey through:

Befriending caregivers of our special needs community to provide care and support
Empowering caregivers to elevate their potential and involvement within our community
Affirming caregiver’s efforts in their caregiving journey
Respite and resource avenues extended to caregivers to recharge and increase knowledge

Claudia Khoo

Claudia had been in the banking and service sector for 20 years before making a career switch to the charity sector. With her pleasant disposition and service-centric approach, she always places importance on positive customer experiences in her daily interactions with her clients. 

She has been an active volunteer with our special needs community and has built up a network of caregivers who render support to fellow caregivers. We believe that with her sincere and genuine love for our community, she and her fellow CareB.E.A.R.s will make this journey with you a more fulfilling and enriching one.

Rae Mok

Rae is mum to a lovely 16-year-old girl with special needs, who was only given two weeks to live at birth. Although severely handicapped and delayed in her mental and physical development, her daughter’s cheerfulness has encouraged Rae to reach out to other fellow caregivers through different projects for the last 15 years. After taking six years off to care for her child, Rae returned to full time work in the social services sector, making use of her experience in marketing communications to help charities raise awareness and funds for the good work that they do. Being a CareB.E.A.R. serving her own special needs community is a wish come true for her, and she hopes to journey with and support fellow caregivers, because all caregivers are FAMILY.

Ruth Komathi


Having needed to be taken care of full-time at one juncture of her life, Ruth has learnt to respect the sacrifice of caregiving. Previously, she worked with juvenile youth towards reintegration and clients to regain mental wellness together with their families. It was a learning journey to balance and consider each individual’s personal stories alongside the family as an unit. Ruth has holds a Masters in Counselling and believes that counselling is a journey that she embarks with any individual, couple or family to tap on the already present ability to overcome.

As a counsellor, Ruth works mainly from a strength-based Person-Centred Therapy approach. She tailors clients’ treatment plans according to the clients’ needs and integrates elements from different approaches such as cognitive & behavioural, emotion focused, psychodynamic, interpersonal, etc. when needed.

Ruth has primarily worked one to one with youths-at-risk, clients with mental health conditions and in family/group sessions working towards community reintegration. She is a mental health advocate who advocates actions towards overcoming both self and social stigma. Ruth believes that every individual has the capacity to overcome the hurdles in their path and her role is to journey with people in deeper exploration of themselves. She is passionate about walking alongside clients as they attain better awareness about themselves and their lives. She encourages clients to re-establish positive connections with important people in their lives.

In Extra•Ordinary People, Ruth provides counselling and is also part of the Care B.E.A.R.s team which supports caregivers of children with special needs.

   Member of Singapore Association for Counselling

   Master of Arts (Counselling), TCA College

   Bachelor of Arts (Psychology), James Cook University Singapore