We Can Drum! (Percussion)

Led by One Heartbeat Percussion instructors, this fun drumming programme seeks to engage students through musical concepts such as Pulse, Rhythm, Tempo and Musical Feel. Students will get to learn a variety of percussion instruments and work up a sweat while doing so.

Through scaffolded activities, they will get opportunities to lead their peers in the creation of musical pieces. They will also be able to explore the concepts of teamwork and turn-taking.

About the Artist

Juraimi is an experienced artist-educator and drum-facilitator with One Heartbeat Percussion since 2008. He brings extensive industry performing experience into the classroom from his experience teaching in school bands since 2000.

Juraimi has attained a Diploma in Arts Education from NIE and has completed the “Working and Facilitating the Learning of Children with Special Needs in the Arts” course by Social Service Institute and National Arts Council.