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Extra•Ordinary People appoints new Chief Executive Officer

Ms Chan Suit Fong
CEO, Extra•Ordinary People
23 June 2020 – Extra•Ordinary People is pleased to announce the appointment of Ms Chan Suit Fong as its new Chief Executive Officer (CEO). With a rich background in the commercial sector and close to a decade of experience volunteering and working with individuals with special needs, Suit Fong takes over from the previous CEO and will focus on strengthening Extra•Ordinary People’s strategy and mission of supporting and journeying with every person with special needs in Singapore through community-supported initiatives.

Integrating mainstream therapy domains with art and music therapy elements to support persons with special needs towards independent living, Suit Fong’s main focus lies in empowering them to be work able and work capable. She also aims to grow the charity’s core programmes, such as An Extra•Ordinary Celebration, Singapore’s largest inclusive concert, and Extra•Ordinary Apprenticeship Programme, which aims to further enhance the employability of persons with special needs.

“I have always believed that it is critically important to build a sustainable ecosystem for persons with special needs, and Extra•Ordinary People’s mission of involving the community, corporate partners and the government in building an inclusive society resonates strongly with me. As a charity, we seek to advocate for an inclusive society at all levels and represent the voices of special needs individuals, by expressing their needs from their perspective whilst aligning with those of our partners and donors,” said Suit Fong.