Psychological Services

Psychological services consist of both psychological assessments and interventions. We aim to support your child’s learning, developmental, and social-emotional needs through standardized assessments and evidence-based intervention approaches.

Individual/Group Intervention

1. Behavioural issues, e.g. tantrums, classroom disruptive behavior, aggression

2. Challenging life events, e.g. divorce, grief and loss

3. School challenges, e.g. bullying, academic underachievement, transition and adjustment issues

4. Social skills and friendship

5. Emotion regulation, e.g. anger management, anxiety

6. Parenting

7. Professional development for educators, e.g. behavioural management strategies


Psycho-educational assessments

1. Diagnosis of neurodevelopmental conditions, e.g. ADHD, dyslexia, Autism, etc.

2. Giftedness

3. Recommendations for school placement, accommodations and exemptions


Target group:

1. Children and adolescents (0 to 18yo)

2. Parents and caregivers

3. Educators and other professionals working with children and adolescents

4. Local or expatriate families

5. Mainstream or special-school students


Standardized Assessment

1. Social Skills Training (individual / groups)

Our Social Skills Groups aims to help children to be more competent in different group situations, such as play time, group learning, recess, etc. Research indicates that programs that target social skills lead to better social and emotional well-being in the future.

2. Circle of Security – Parenting