Caregiver Support

We believe that caregivers are a vital part of the care and support we offer the children. The caregiver must grow beyond coping with the child’s needs, to becoming an important collaborator in supporting the child through all interventions. It is a lifelong journey that also requires fellow caregivers to be cared for and to be supported.  

We partner you and your child. 

We seek to support parents and caregivers in their often intensive caregiving, as well as to promote self-care for sustainability. We provide initiatives that promotes empowerment for these superheroes who provide endless care to the special ones they love. Our initiatives include: 

  • Befriending caregivers of our special needs community to provide care and support
  • Empowering caregivers to elevate their potential and involvement within our community 
  • Affirming caregivers’ efforts in their caregiving journey
  • Respite and resource avenues extended to caregivers to recharge and increase knowledge