Community Webinars

As part of Extra•Ordinary People’s outreach and wellness programmes, we have come up with a series of free webinars to support you through disruptions to your daily routines caused by COVID-19. Learn how to stay centred and connected during this challenging period. Explore multiple ways to connect with yourself, with others and with your creativity, and find out how to expand your perceptual lens by tapping into your body’s intelligence through both the expressive arts and embodied practices.

Your Body is Your Medicine - Finding Your Center and Clarity 29 May 2020 6pm - 7pm (GMT+8)

Learn how to connect with your inner self and find your inner balance amidst all the transitions. You will be guided to switch off from the outside world and tune into your body’s sensory awareness, which can be as simple as closing your eyes and listening to your own breath. This awareness will then be visualised into an art form through an experiential art-making activity.

Your Body is Your Guide -  Be Guided By Your Heart's Intelligence
5 Jun 2020 6pm - 7pm (GMT+8)

Experience your heart’s intelligence. Take charge of how you feel, connect to your heart centre and explore this new level of awareness of your higher self. The focus of the session is to acknowledge the role our heart plays in our everyday life, incorporating simple movements to initiate that connection to anchor the sensations in a visual form.

Your Body is Your Temple - Finding Inspiration, Gratitude
and Hope
12 Jun 2020 6pm - 7pm (GMT+8)

Shift into a zone of growth amidst chaos. Explore what makes you feel grateful, hopeful, and inspired during times of uncertainty. Tune into the sensory awareness of being whole, to see your body as a temple, exploring the sacred space and identifying the place of resilience within yourself.