Extra•Ordinary Creations 2019

Presented by Extra•Ordinary People, United Overseas Bank and UOB Art Academy, Extra•Ordinary Creations: Living Cities is an art exhibition that celebrates inclusivity and cohesiveness within the community. The exhibition features winning works of the UOB Art in Ink Awards from Hong Kong, as well as works by differently-abled artists from ADAM Arts Creation, the social enterprise of the Arts with the Disabled Association Hong Kong, ArtSE Singapore, and APSN Chaoyang School.

Extra•Ordinary Creations: Living Cities brings together works by emerging and established artists, who make parallels and explore differences between cities across the region. The works engage with ideas of the urban environment and capture the pulse of city living, from panoramic overviews to close-up images recording the minutiae of daily life.

The exhibition is composed of three distinct but interrelated concepts. Works that explore how iconic buildings have evolved through time; shared spaces that bear witness to collective memories such as hawker stalls, public transportation, and traditional tea houses; and the subjective and personal journeys of the artists. The works represent varied and diverse emotions, from expressions of ineffable affection, to gloom and desolation, preserving intangible cultural heritage to inspire insightful conversations about urban growth.

Extra•Ordinary Creations: Living Cities encourages visitors to view cities as living organisms, ecosystems that are built upon commonalities in experience, bringing contemporary living to life in order to imagine the future, a shared future that belongs to everyone