Growing Extraordinarily Together

Growing Extraordinarily Together is a suite of group therapy programmes that are designed to support both individuals with special needs as well as their caregivers.

Find out more about our available programmes below.

Eligible applicants can receive up to 90% financial assistance for 
Growing Extraordinarily Together group therapy programmes.

Art Psychotherapy Group Programmes
Our group programmes for Art Psychotherapy aim to provide individuals with a natural and creative way to express themselves and communicate with others.

Music Therapy Group Programmes
Our group programmes for Music Therapy aim to help individuals recognise and manage emotions and behaviours,  and understand the feelings and perspectives of others.

Speech & Language Therapy Group Programmes
Our group programmes for Speech & Language Therapy aim to support the language development of individuals and enhance their functional communication abilities.

Occupational Therapy Group Programmes
Our group programmes for Occupational Therapy aim to hone the gross and functional skills of individuals so that they can meaningfully engage and participate in life and social activities.

Integrated Group Therapy Programmes
Integrated Group Therapy Programmes are designed to support your child’s development through the combination of two therapy domains.  Two therapists will be present in every session. (One from each therapy domain)

Please note that you can register for multiple programmes in
ONE submission.