Art Therapy

Art Therapy is a form of psychotherapy that combines the study of well-being, resilience and art-making within a therapeutic context. It enables people to become in touch with their inner strengths, gain insights and enhance their awareness of the body and mind through the art-making process. Join us to discover the benefits of the art regardless of any personal misconceptions about artistic talent or ability. 


Individual Art Therapy for adults 

Art therapy for adults incorporates an embodied creative expression that can unearth useful learning leading to self-actualization and improved body and mind awareness of self and others.  Besides facilitating a development of technical art skills, you will engage in a process to understand, express and reflect on experiences in a non-intrusive, safe and nurturing environment. The art psychotherapist serves as a skilled listener, observer and a catalyst for you to understand the process of change through both verbal and non-verbal experiential means. The art sessions are delivered through the use of dry media such as pens, pencils or pastels and fluid media such as watercolour and acrylic paint and intentional body awareness through movement.  


Individual and group Art Therapy for Children and youth

Art is a natural language for children. It helps them make sense of and express their thoughts and feelings. It is a safe space for children to be curious, explore, imagine, play and process their thoughts, feelings and sensations. When delivered in a group session art can also be a wonderful facilitator in forming connections with peers. Cooperation, turn-taking, respecting differences and other social skills can all be practiced in an enjoyable and natural setting. 

Art Experiential workshops 
These workshops provide groups with the opportunity to learn how to use the arts in a reflective and expressive practice. Facilitated by an art therapist. 
Workshops are structured into:
1. Helping the Helper- professional burnout and stress management for groups 
Workshops are tailored to enhance the resilience of professionals working in the field such as nurses, teachers and community leaders. 
2. Corporate and community team building workshops:
Creative Team Building Workshops are tailored to the requirements and aims of the group. The time frame for the session can be from a 2 hour to a full day session, and can be facilitated to be aligned with organizational goals, values and strategic plans.
Clinical Supervision 
We offer off-site supervision for registered art therapists  and students upon request. Sessions are structured in individual and group format and are embedded in an ethical and culturally sensitive confidential framework. For more information please contact